Drive an Armored Vehicle With Confidence (100% Protection)

The security industry and private individuals look to us for the most effective armoring available. How are we, our products, and practices different from and better than our competitors? You need to know because your job is to protect people and you are seeking the best armored vehicles for that purpose. Please take a few moments to learn how we are a superior builder and supplier.

Your protection is our specialty. Our advanced armoring design gives you every advantage in survivability, durability and reliability at a competitive price.

Our management and production personnel understand that the decision to purchase an armored vehicle is critical and protective technology is the key. Our support managers and engineering personnel have the expertise to guide you through this process.

From the transparent  and opaque armor that provide protection, to the many heavy-duty upgrades and installs, your armored vehicle is designed to perform in the harshest of conditions. We proudly stand behind the armoring modifications to the OEM vehicles long after this vehicle has left our facilities.

Please contact us personally for a better understanding of your protection needs and our solutions.